Plan & Pricing For One Time Optimization

AmejTech gives one-time optimization services and specialized SEO review at reasonable rates. Our one-time optimization service is totally affordable and furthermore gives you a website review report. We give top SEO services to an independent company, consultants and mid to large estimated firms. In any case, our group is comprised of hardworking employees who continually work in expanding your SEO rankings through inventive SEO Methods which depend on machine learning and AI. Our SEO services are known to be outstanding in quality and effectiveness.

Advertisements on digital platforms affect customers particularly through one-time optimization as it gives an early advantage to digital presence. Our one-time optimization plan pushes up your rankings inside web search engines and builds the quantity of traffic when we work upon your shortcomings digitally.

On the off chance if you are a small private company battling for visibility and acknowledgement on digital platforms, with the assistance of our one-time optimization service customer support you can know more about our website review support and get more data about your present status and our tools and procedures incorporated in the bundle of services for small business ventures. Our SEO specialist services lead local SEO audit for customers who need services to accomplish their objectives. Our impeccable service make us the top SEO agency for independent venture and thus helps us in offering moderate SEO services for the private company through economies of scale.

Our advisors are supported with rich experiences and information to make SEO for an independent venture, a success through our affordable service packages. Under our one-time optimization services, we can make or fix anything customers need to help them increase their search engine rankings. Our one-time services are well equipped for medium and large businesses. No other companies offer this kind of services and give all-around packages for all sized companies and freelancers.

Why Choose Us?

Our One-Time Optimization unit is intended to help build your website's profile and visibility across all significant web indexes, guaranteeing that it is found for the key terms and expressions you need to be found for. Just making the SEO (site design improvement) basics right will altogether affect how Google comprehends and understands your website with focus keywords.

We comprehend the organization's website needs for its improvement and optimization. Our one-time optimisation services will guarantee that your site has the entirety of the required fundamental components.

Our one-time service is for sites that don't have any current SEO or where the software engineers have almost no comprehension about how to do basic SEO. Our one-time service is intended for organizations who perceive that their site could profit with awesome website design improvement but yet can't focus on a month to month contract or don't have a financial plan for continuous SEO optimization.

It is ideal for all kinds of businesses. Join us and avail of most of our services. We believe in customer satisfaction and scaling up their business through increased conversion rates and revenue generation.

Error Resolution Plan
$ 249.00
  • Website Optimization
  • Html sitemap addition
  • XML sitemap addition
  • Performance improvement (reduce Loading Time)
  • Google Analytics addition to the website for tracking of traffic
  • Google Webmaster addition to the website for website performance
  • Meta keywords addition/optimization in terms of SEO
  • Title addition/optimization in terms of SEO
  • H1 addition/optimization in terms of SEO
  • Images alt tagging
  • Favicon addition to website

  • Error Rectification
  • Canonical fixation
  • Non-www and www version redirection fixation
  • Robots.txt addition
  • HTML Errors fixation
  • Microformats addition to website
  • Dublin core addition to website
  • Tag no follow to external links from website
  • Broken links removal